Dock Academy Choir Tour


A concert tour through Europe for choir students of Dock Mennonite Academy.



Plans are being finalized for a trip to Europe during the summer of 2018 for members of the 2018 Dock Academy Touring Choir.  The dates for this trip will be June 12 to 28.  This will be the fourteenth time the choir has traveled on tours of this nature which have provided a host of wonderful experiences and memories.  The itinerary will include Germany, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic.

The choir will perform in a variety of churches, schools and community centers throughout our stay.  There will also be scheduled and impromptu opportunities to sing in some of the great cathedrals in these parts of Europe.  Experiences of singing in these wonderful spaces during past tours have created wonderful memories!

Lodging will feature a combination of host churches/families and hotels in the various communities we visit.  The experience of staying with host families will give choir members a wonderful sense of the local culture including a great sampling of home cooked local cuisine!

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Deposit 1 Due Dec. 11, Deposit 2 Due Feb. 3, Deposit 3 Due Apr. 7, Deposit 4 Due May 26


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